Saturday, June 2, 2012

The End of American High School

My American High School Experience ended yesterday. After 13 years in the MSAD 15 school district, I am done. Yesterday I had my last classes, counted down the seconds in the school office with my class, and then left the school for the beach. I still have a week of marching practice before graduation but that's besides the point.
I have to say, I am extremely grateful to everyone I have meet and got to know throughout the years. I have learned so much and evolved into who I am today thanks to all the wonderful people I have met and I the experiences I have had. Surely, life is life and it definitely had it's ups and downs but even from the downs I have learned such valuable lessons that I wouldn't change a thing. I have been so blessed so far in my life and cannot believe that this chapter of my life is over. It is so weird that I will be going to a place where I do not know a soul, besides the other YES Abroad people. I lived my whole life in the small town I was born in-which I love since I have been able to grow up with the same people. I have so many memories from when I was little and throughout the school years with pretty much everyone in my class. I have friends I remember playing dress up with as a child who I still am friends with now. There are so many people whose lives I have crossed and had a brief flicker of friendship or a long glowing fire of friendship. Senior year was the best year I have had yet, I expanded my group of friends, inherited my awesome nickname, PAPA Larson, and have had the best luck ever. I do not know how I have become this lucky, I got into my dream college, Colby College, and they gave me such a great financial package that it is cheaper than the state school I applied to, I received the YES Abroad scholarship, and I just found out the other day that I received the Mitchell Scholarship for college-which I am not sure if I can keep or not due to taking a gap year but I really hope I can. Not only does this scholarship provide me with money for college, I most likely will be able to meet George Mitchell, the creator of this scholarship, who is my hero. He is so amazing, he grew up in Maine like me and went on to change the world. He was a senator, a diplomat who helped create the Northern Ireland peace treaty, and most recently the special envoy for the Obama administration in the Middle East.

Here's some picture from my last day with some of my friends:

This shows off my American High school hallway :p The guy in the striped shirt is my XC & track coach who is the best. We are walking back to his room after we covered it is Go Zone posters :)

  Part of Zuke's board which we put up the XC shirt Sam, Randall, Mitchell, & I made and we also put up some pictures of us on his board.

My best friend & running buddy Sammie D. in our AP Bio class

 Some of my closest friends :)

My best friend, Sammie D :)

 My best friend Sam who has been my friend since kindergarten :) 

This is a picture of us after school at OOB. :) 

 We got photobombed and we didn't even know it.
 The people in the front are my French class-we have been in the same class together for the past four years.

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