Monday, June 11, 2012

Oh What Happens on Runs in Maine...

So as you may know I am in love with running and I run all the time. That being said, the strangest/awesomest thing happened. So, I was running down my road and there was a deer off in a field. Me being Lydia, stopped to look at it and I noticed that there was a really tiny baby deer! I swear it was only a day or two days old. I decided I wanted to try to get closer to them, thinking they would of course run off, but only the momma deer did and the fawn just lied down and allowed me to approach it! Not only was I able to get wicked close to the baby dear, I was able to PET IT!!! I was so close I could stroke it's head and back! It was so cute when it finally bounded away to it's mommy :) I could not believe that it let me pet it! I wish I had a picture to show you but I was on a run so I didn't have anything with picture-taking capability.

But here it 2 pictures offline of what it kinda looked like. Super cute right? :)

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