Friday, June 15, 2012


As of June 9th, 2012-I am officially graduated from (American) High School. It was a very nice ceremony that was hosted at the Cumberland County Civic Center in Portland.
My high school is very unique since it allows us to choose who we march in with. (I believe most high schools have the students walk in alphabetically. )
 So I got to walk in with my friend Sam :)
It was a nice ceremony with wonderful speeches from our Principal, Valedictorian, and Salutatorian. Our Salutatorian even mentioned me-via saying people in this class were going as far as Ghana and when talking about what we were going on to, hopefully, become (diplomat). :) Yay! Thank you Grace <3 The principal also sort of mentioned me-his speech consisted mostly of quotes from student's college essays. It was fun to hear since they were all really good and I could pick out some of the quotes as certain people's. :) I have to say though when he said, "and as one student who wrote of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict stated..." my heart about stopped. Yup, that was mine and of course everyone knew that cause who else would talk about that except for me.
Anyway, I got my diploma :)
We had 3 musical performances throughout the ceremony, the best being this one by my dear friend Kyrie:

There was also an awesome rendition of What A Wonderful World performed by the talented Powell Twins complete with ukulele and accordion. We also had our choir, myself included, sing Into the West (the song from the Lord of the Rings) as well as our National Anthem at the beginning of the ceremony.

Then we sang our class song, Good Life by OneRepublic and then marched out wearing our shades:)
All in all it was a great way to end my time in the Gray-New Gloucester School System.
 This is a picture of my best friend, Sammie D. and our Cross Country Coaches.
"ZHOP* 4 Lyfe"
Cross-Country was the best part of my high school existence. This picture showcases most of my favorite distance buddies with our coaches. :)
*ZHOP=Zukowski House of Pain an accurate representation of our coach, Zuke's, workouts.

My Family <3

P.S. I am sorry for these long posts, I just thought it would be nice to showcase some of my American life in the hopes that maybe, just maybe, some people might be interested-possibly in Ghana (fingers crossed) about my American life? And just as an f.y.i. I'm in love with pictures so my blog will most likely be filled with them, if you haven't already noticed. :)

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