Monday, December 3, 2012

Our Zoological Adventure

On Thursday, the 8th of November, (Yes, I am super behind times due to lack of internet.) Sarah, Nans, and I decided to visit the Kumasi Zoo since we are on a short vacation from school for Midterms. 

I highly enjoyed the Zoo, which is located in Center of Kumasi and actually holds a large amount of free green space which is not in ample supply in the rest of the city. The most interesting animals in the zoo were not actually part of an exhibit but were hanging from the trees. I am talking about bats, there more bats hanging on this tree than I had ever seen in one place before. They were tan in color unlike the brown bats that I know from back home and were chirping incessantly which mildly confused Sarah & I who could not understand why they were awake.

But other than seeing animals in the trees, wandering peacocks, and caged lions, the most exciting thing happened when we reached the chimpanzees. There was a chimpanzee there that I swear was a character out of a storybook. Swinging around, rattling his cage, and well causing mayhem for visitors. Instead of butchering the moment with words, watch this video to see the chimp in action.

After the chimp swung up and gave us a shower of spit, I decided to keep a safe distance from the cage. Sarah sadly did not share the same amount of caution I exercised and ended up getting poop flung on her. Yes, you read correct, the same chimpanzee that had just spit on us, picked up his own poop and threw it at Sarah. It landed on her shirt, leaving a lovely reminder of our morning adventure too close to the chimpanzee’s cage.

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