Friday, December 28, 2012


One of the best things about Ghana is the markets. These markets are the center piece of life in Ghana. They are where everyone shops for their ingredients but they house so much more than that. Along with piles of fresh produce from tomatoes to vats of ground nut paste to not so nice smelling meat, there is often a variety of other things for sale. Items for sale here seem to be either used clothing items from the Western world or reject items from Chinese factories. The saying one man’s trash is another man’s treasure is so true here.

Markets are usually found next to tro-tro stations and definitely fulfill the fantasy of African markets which has festered in my brain since reading about them in childhood storybooks. And the market of all markets is located right here in Kumasi. I still have yet to figure out its many nuances but Central Market is completely awe-inspiring.  It is loud, crowded, and filled to the brim with merchandise from a huge produce section to a neon meandering pathway filled with shoes to fabric filled corridors to hairdressers and seamstresses. It is an overwhelming place filled with so much your eyes don’t know where to look.Your mind wanders down the winding paths following the basket carrying girl whose eyes caught yours for a second. Her eyes, much older than her apparent age, gave away so much, yet nothing at the same time. As she disappears into the bustling crowd you paint her life story on the metal bowl carried on the head of the lady in front of you. 

I haven’t taken out my camera in the market due to it being notorious for crime since the amount of people makes criminals conspicuous. But I took a few pictures in one of the markets in Atonsu a wicked quick walk from my house. The quality of the images aren't good but here it's hard to take pictures since having a camera is such a frivolous thing, I don't like taking it out. 

On Christmas Eve, I accompanied my host mom into Adom, the name of the area that houses the central market & Kejetia tro-tro station. It was unbelievably packed with people. Here are some pictures of the crowds taken from a tro while we were leaving.


  1. I used to dread going to the market with my mom. I would feel so claustrophobic and uncomfortable. I was also afraid that someone would snatch my purse. But I have learned to appreciate it. Plus, the market has the best & most beautiful cloths for cheap :-)

  2. Markets are my favorite here too! Although I think Omani souqs skew a bit more touristy, your pictures are gorgeous though :)