Saturday, February 16, 2013

T.I. Ahmadiyya’s 63rd Anniversary

Today, February 16th, 2013, was my school's 63rd Anniversary which apparently is a huge deal. My friend informed me that they celebrate their anniversary every decade. Why they celebrate it on the 3rd year is beyond me but I appreciate their originality. We have been preparing for the anniversary for a long time. Last week we did not have a single class instead we beautified the school by cleaning, sweeping, scrubbing, painting, and they did a lot of remodeling. I wish I had a picture of the new front gate to show you guys, for it turned out spectacularly. Also for the anniversary, we got special uniforms, suits technically.
My hair was done beforehand by another student whose mom is a hairdresser.

My classmates. Klinsman & Najat- & you wonder why I have trouble remembering names

For all the preparations and long time spent getting ready beforehand in the dorms, painstakingly attempting to look one's best, the ceremony was pretty anticlimactic. It was pretty much just adults droning on about how great Amass is. Amass is a very good school and has 3,107 students, as I learned today but truthfully spending a whole day listening to speeches of aging Ghanaian men while I melted away in my prescribed suit & long sleeved shirt was not exactly my idea of the super fun day that people had been talking about for months. While it was not all it was cracked up to be it was still pretty impressive. My favorite part being the koranic verses being recited and watching the cadets & marching band who have been practicing every day after school for the past month in preparation for this.
Hanging Decorations for the Anniversary

It was such a big deal that the Ghanaian Minister of Education came and the Asantehene was supposed to come but bailed at the last minute, much to my chagrin, as I had been really looking forward to be in the presence of the Ashanti monarch, Otufumfuo Osei Tutu II.

The procession of all the dignitaries that came to the celebration. While the Asantehene was a no show, he sent some important chiefs in his stead.
While the ceremony itself was mildly dull, it was very fun to see everyone dressed up in suits. Best of all was people watching the parents of students and former student who had gone all out in terms of dressing for the occasion. The beautiful vibrant fabrics, alluring veils, and majestic headdresses signature to Africa made this occasion quite special.
My wonderful friends acting natural

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