Friday, November 9, 2012

M'damfo the Plantain Seller

On my way home from school, I pass by this place called Atimatim Junction which is where a road branches off toward Atimatim. At the branch off there is a tro-tro "station". It is called a station but it is not a station in the Western terms of the word. It is just where a lot on tros wait on the road for passengers and thus, due to the passage of people, there are a group of women selling food at little stands or on their head by the side of the road. On of these sellers sells plantains and is the sweetest lady ever. I am not sure how it started but everyday after school, I come up to her and shake her hand as she called me M'damfo, which means my friend, with a huge smile on her face. She then proceeds to ask me how I am in Twi, and usually teaches me some twi words. She is the sweetest lady and whenever I ask to buy a plantain, she refuses money and gives me one. Her kindest means so much to me and my daily interactions with her always makes my day. One day while I was sitting learning Twi from M'damfo, eating my delicous roasted plantain, a man would not leave me alone continually saying that he loved me in Twi. To which I keep on replying "menpeyo"-I don't love you. This was working so m'damfo showed me how to say it; to shout it with vehemence which I did to the amusment of everyone around. It is moments like this and people like her that fill me with happiness and remind me why I am here. Friendship is not an exclusive bond for people of the same nationality, age, or race, it is for anyone who shows kindness to another person.

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