Friday, September 28, 2012

First Days in Kumasi (Written on 9.18.12)

I have safely arrived in Kumasi. I am with my host family which actually consists of only one kid not three as my host family info says. Both of my parents work and are rarely home, there is no internet here which is why I have yet to post anything on my blog yet. For the first week here, Jeff, the AFS chaperone who accompanied us to Ghana, stayed with my family. It was very nice to have some company. It must have been take your host children to work week since Jeff and I accompanied my host dad to work everyday. He is the manager of K.A.T.H., the  teaching hospital. Which is a very beautiful location but my first impression wasn't the best due to the first place we visited being the morgue. My host dad asked us if we wanted to see dead bodies and Jeff wanted to so we did...Welcome to Africa! From what I have perceived so far, people pretty much do whatever they want here from the reckless driving such as sticking your whole car into the middle of the street you are trying to cross to pretty much every guy peeing where ever & when ever he wants to.
This week, Jeff and I accompanied my host day around, visiting his village, attending an engagement ceremony, and then a wedding. Which I have stories to tell about all of these events-which are coming I promise! I am sorry I have been so bad about updating this blog, but hopefully I will get better.


  1. Lydia:

    I was AFS to Ghana 30 years ago (1981). I really like your blog. So much and so little has changed in West Africa!

    I hope you dont mind if I ask lots of question and please keep posting!

    1. Thank you! I would love to hear any questions you have. I cannot imagine coming here 30 years ago, I applaud your audacity! Where were you hosted?