Tuesday, August 7, 2012


I just found out my host family! I will be in Kumasi, the "Garden City"!!! All of a sudden going to Ghana has become so tangibly real. I have applied for my visa, I have my plane tickets, and now I have a family. In two days less than a month, I will be leaving the USA for ten months to live with my host family of 5 which comprises of a mom, dad, 2 sisters, & 1 brother. Two of my host siblings are in their late 20's and the other one is around my sister's age. I am so excited to meet them and am extremely grateful that they are allowing me to become part of their family. :)

My Schedule:
Leaving the Good ol' 207: September 5th
Gateway Orientation: September 5th & 6th in NYC, New York
Leaving the USA for 10 months: September 6th
Flight: From NYC to London to Accra :)
Arriving in Ghana: September 7th

Kumasi is the second biggest city in Ghana and while Accra is the capital, Kumasi is the center of the Ashanti culture and home to the Asantehene, the King of the Ashanti. Kumasi is home to the largest market in Western Africa.


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